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Short course


In the summer Herbal school the Dragon organises a week seminar

Herbal knowledge. 

Here you can learn about the versatile side of medicinal herbs. 
In 5 sessions of 3/6 hours you will learn some commonly used herbs known. You learn what they look like, how you can harvest and dry them, how you make an infusion, a medicinal oil and wine. In particular summer herbs will be discussed. 
The lessons are for practical use, so you can soon start to work with herbs at home.


The following topics will be discussed: 

  • general use and application of herbs
  • recognizing herbs by observation and signature
  • summer herbs and their versatile use and application
  • Herbal First Aid
  • the use of herbs such as harvesting, drying and processing herbs into oil, tea and wine.
  • This course is a kind of introduction, and may precede the herbal academy, which starts in September. Theory and practice will alternate. Moreover,this summer you can do things with herbs after following this seminar.

  • Also, by enough enthousiast students. I start a 3 year herbal school in Portugal. This is a sort of introduction into the school. 


The classes are taught by Ingrid Kropf. 
In one week from 9.00-12.00, (more then 4 persons) also 15.00-18.00

Monday to Friday. From 4-8 persons, the lessons are only in the morning. More then 8 persons, the lessons are morning and afternoon.

During this time we practisizes herbal use and discuss the basic short of first aid.
So you have the afternoon for a good holiday in the beautiful area of the Serra da Estralla.


We start when we have 4 persons signed in for the course.

22 may until 26 may 2017.



Herbal week fee € 500, - in Vide. 
Payment may be made at the Portuguese Vide account, or cash. 
For food and logies look down the page and are extra costs. 
(see registration procedures). 


Registration is done by fill a registrationform by mail to us. And make the tuition to I. Kropf Vide. 
Always make payments stating your name and the course you want to follow. 
For registration procedures look at the registration form, sent to you on demand by email.